Saturday, November 17, 2007

When the leaves fall and turn orange,
they paint fire on the cool gray sidewalk.
Last remaining embers scattering
flying, torching the world.
Last burst of sun and summer
Reminder of lush green trees
thick with leaves.
Now fallen, shivering, moldering,
when did it get cold and gray.
Darkness comes too soon.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

it is one of those unseasonably warm november days. it reminds me of the summer, in fact. everywhere i turn, people go about their daily routines as if things are normal. no one seems to have noticed the change in atmosphere - the definite shift that causes me to wonder, what month is this?

one minute you can be going about your life on auto-control and the next, nothing is as you thought it was. it's something to remember - this feeling.

i can't believe how quickly the year has gone. the surprises of the past month are still settling into my brain as if after an earthquake. things feel unsettled; one quick movement, and who knows what the disturbing after-effects may be... will the dishes fall out of the cabinet and crash to the ground; will the foundation of the earth buckle and swallow us whole?

i move carefully these days. i guess that's all that any of us can do. strive for elevation but hold onto the ground.