Tuesday, March 17, 2009

There's much that I want to say to you now, but I can't because your life is far away from me now. There's much that I wish I had appreciated about you. But, that's always the way.

Looking back on the horizon, I notice now the flowers dotting the side of the road and the vast dusty brown-green landscape. I notice how the mountains on the side look much smaller than they did miles ago. I see a cloud spreading its fingers into the sky and I forget to look at the road I'm on and where I'm going. I've got to remember to keep my eyes on the road and focus on where I am, and not where I've been.

I don't look back as much now, but still, I can't help looking back into the rear-view mirror occasionally and catching a glimpse behind me, and wondering what would have happened if I'd stayed. But, then I'd probably be peering ahead and wondering what the road looks like ahead.

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